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New - Natural Fat Transfer Injections to the Face

   As we age our faces age as well.  Since we present our faces to the world everyday it is normal that we are concerned with these unwanted changes. Other areas we can simply cover up. Traditionally, we have attributed their changes to the effects of gravity and environmental factors such as sunlight exposure. However, we also are aware that there are genetic factors which affect aging and also stress. For this, look how much the presidents age in just four short years. In the face, we notice sagging in the cheeks and jowls as well as the neck.  Of these, the neck tissues are affected the most. Also we acquire "circles" under the eyes, flattening of the check bone area and puffiness and loose skin around the eyelids. Since they are the most typical changes of aging, traditional remedies have revolved around the "nip and tuck" procedures such as face lifts and eye lid surgery. They are still important in the correction of the aging face and remain the first line of defense in this ongoing battle.

            In more recent years, studies have shown that we also tend to lose fat, muscle, and bone mass with time. If you look at a "young" face you will notice certain characteristics. A young face in fact looks "fatter". This is not insulting, it's a fact. Pick up any magazine and have a look. You will notice that cheeks are fuller, the "cheekbones" flowing gracefully into the lower eyelids and into the temple areas. Also the jawbone areas look fuller and flow toward the chin without interruption. This is because "volumeloss" has not begun.

Weighing all of these observations we now look at "the aging face" in a different light. We know we most eliminate the loose and sagging tissues with traditional techniques. Following this we now recognize that to capture the essence of youth we must also recontour the face. Some newer procedures such as midface lifts are a step in that direction. We also however now recognize that importance of contouring with fat transfer technique. This is taking fat (which most of us have in sufficient quantities) and placing it in those areas described above that need "volumizing". This procedure while appearing simple requires a great deal of precision and patience. Simply speaking fat is usually removed from the hiproll areas or the thighs, processed in a centrifuge which separates fat from fluid and is then injected with special blunt needles (cannulae) as microdroplets into the deficient areas. Fat graft survival is then generally quite good.

            The most exciting area in current fat transfer technology is the discovery that fat is the richest depository of adult stem cells in common body tissues. Everyone has heard of stem cells by now but usually in the context of a political or moral disagreement. Adult stem cells belong to you and have nothing to do with this. Stem cells, by their very nature, are cells which can "differentiate" or change into different tissues lines such as muscle, fat, bone, cartilage, skin (dermis) and even blood vessels and possibly nerves. While knowledge of this exciting science is in it's infancy we have proof that the differentiation can occur when we perform fat transfers. This is why the combination of traditional as well as more recent surgical techniques combined with fat transplantation is so exciting and why I call this total facial rejuvenation. If you want more information come and talk to me in person.

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